About Us

Do you want to be taken on a magical journey back to your childhood, surrounded by your favorite toys and electronic gadgets? How would you feel to be transported to a time of innocence and fun when you played with your cool action figures or cuddled beside your cherished dolls? Remember what it was like to hang out at the park with your friends and open that package of baseball cards hoping to find autographed pictures of your favorite players inside?

Then take a break from reality and visit Stewart's Internet Consignment Shop! As soon as you walk into our Bellingham store you will notice a rich tapestry of childhood memorabilia that includes sports keepsakes such as athletic jerseys and classic editions of sports magazines, comic books in vintage condition, model trains, collectible figurines, popular LP records, action figures, and much more!

As you can probably already tell, Stewart's is not your typical consignment shop. That is because of the eclectic nature of what we carry - one-of-a-kind antiques, hard-to-find collectible toys, classic sports jerseys, rare comic books, vintage electronics, and many other nostalgic merchandise. You'll even find modern impressionist paintings, fine dishware, beautiful crystal, and fashionable apparel. Think of Stewart's as a blend of your old time consignment antique shop meets pop culture!

Our Consignment Shop is family-owned and operated, which means we live and work in this community and we build our reputation on integrity and trust! So you can be sure that we establish fair and reasonable prices for every item we sell. If you're a seller, be assured that we thoroughly research the Web, private sources, and conduct due diligence to establish fair and appropriate values for your items. For buyers, be confident that we are always objective when determining prices as we eliminate any guess work or personal bias. We love what we do but we are not emotionally tied to what we sell. So you know that everything you see is priced fairly and accurately.

Visit Stewart's Internet Consignment Shop and remember what it's like to be a kid again!

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