Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. Do we have to pay upfront to use your service?
    A. There are no upfront fees associated with for listing your items with us.

  • Q. What happens if we want our items back before they sell?
    A. There is a non-refundable fee of $3.00 per line item to pick up your items. This fee covers the fees Stewart's Internet Consignment Shop pays to eBay for having your items listed with our Consignment Shop.

  • Q. How do I bring items to your Consignment Shop?
    A. We schedule an appointment with you so that we can devote ample time to properly evaluate and inspect your items that you want Stewart's Internet Consignment Shop to sell. We conduct thorough and objective research to accurately determine a fair market value for your item. We then create a contract that is mutually beneficial.

  • Q. Who keeps the items if I consign with you?
    A. Our Consignment Shop keeps the items at our on-site storage facility. Stewart's Internet Consignment Shop is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

  • Q. How much of the sale proceeds do I receive?
    A. As the seller, you receive approximately 53% to 58% of the sale proceeds depending on the fees we incur associated with the purchase of your item.

  • Q. How do I get paid from the sales transaction?
    A. We write checks for payment of items sold. After the buyer has received and is satisfied with the item, we will write the check for your items once your account reaches $50.00 or if you request payment at any time.

  • Q. Can I buy the item in the store?
    A. All items are for sale in the store and online.

  • Q. If I live in another country can I pick up the item purchased at your store?
    A. Yes you can pick up the item purchased at our store.

  • Q. If I buy something from your store do you take debit cards?
    A. In order to keep costs down, we do not accept debit cards or credit cards. There are, however, four ATM machines located near our Consignment Shop in downtown Bellingham.

  • Q. Can you ship my purchased items to me?
    A. Yes we are happy to ship your items for your convenience. We ask that you cover shipping costs related to the purchase of your item.

  • Q. If I do not have an eBay account, can you buy something for me?
    A. We do purchase items for customers. There is a $5.00 per item fee for this service. Payment must be made before you order the item.

* All items brought into Stewart's Internet Consignment Shop for sale must be CLEAN and in WORKING ORDER.
Thank you for your cooperation!